Calexit and the SNP

I was talking with a Scottish friend recently and he was telling me about how hopeless Labour are these days.

I’m going to say upfront that I’ve never put the skull-sweat in to learn precisely how British parliament works. But I gather there’s something called the “house of lords” and the “house of commons” and that basically we need to kill all the males with Norman surnames.


Apparently labor simply can’t win and has no prospects, now that the SNP have risen and take a big chunk of the Scottish vote. It turns out that Scotland:UK as California:USA, at least in terms of population and raw pounds of manflesh.



This makes me think about the prospective and hypothetical “Calexit”, wherein California leaves the USA. The GOP would be simply unconstrained under the current paradigm should Calexit happen. If this would be good or bad remains to be seen, I find myself leaning toward a more Great Man theory these days.

If we get a Great Man, like we hope Trump will be, then it’s going to be good. If we get a John McCaine, or Lindsey Graham type, someone obviously controlled by some dirty secrets, well then Sad.