Here’s an interesting picture from the recent Orthodox Christmas

Putin a church.PNG

Every year, Putin goes to an outlying region for the Nativity liturgy service of the Russian Orthodox Church. Maybe it’s somehow staged, but I get a sense from skipping through the two hour RT propaganda-cast that it isn’t. I think Putin’s people really do pick a small church, vet the parishioners, remove any potential troublemakers and then Putin goes to the liturgy. What impresses me is how unexcited everyone seems to be. They’re just at church: “I guess the president is here, but whatevs, my feet hurt”. This is characteristic of all continentals, but especially of Slavs and Scandis, able to hold a neutral face, not always grinning like us Anglos.

Americans would practically lose their minds if a B-list celebrity were in the same room as them. They’d be visibly self conscious, possibly grinning like fools. The only one who seems to be doing that in the screen cap above is the kid behind Putin, in the grey, who looks like he does a lot of shoulder press.


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