Shitlibs LOVE knowing about the triad

Here’s a lil clip of Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and now some sort of high up adviser. Appearing for an interview with a slightly derranged Rachel Maddow.

I enjoy watching leftist-controlled media just to see how biased it is, and what tricks they employ. One thing I picked up on in the primaries is that the left loved it when they figured out what the “nuclear triad” is. The triad is the idea that you put nuclear weapons on subs, in hardened missile silos and on strategic bombers (usually attached to cruise missiles) such as the B-52, B-1b or the Tu-160.

Leftists are a people characterized by their weakness. I’ve often said that progressivism in the modern sense is a cult of weakness, as it seeks to propagate and glorify weakness at every turn. Liberal reporters are people who can’t interact with the physical world. They can’t fix a washing machine, they can’t shoot or field strip a gun and they certainly don’t know anything about military operations. Yet they’ve latched on to knowing what the “nuclear triad” is, so you could be a person who knows we can deliver nukes by various means, but haven’t heard this fact grouped together under the term “nuclear triad” and so some leftist like Maddow can appear to ‘get’ you when she pulls this random fact out of a hat.

This is what the left is reduced to. Their ideas have so clearly failed to deliver, that rather than argue themes, they resort to asking “got-chas” “who has the most nukes after USA and Russia?” “What do you think of Aleppo?” these sorts of irrelevant hair splitting questions on details that can be easily looked up but don’t address the big themes. It’s a sign that they’re on the way out. Really think about it, Maddow gets Conway on, someone who manages a campaign, and starts asking her frantic questions about nuclear weapons policy. What the hell does Conway know about this? and why should she know about it? She’s a PR organization type.


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